Growing Stronger every step of the way!

Hello World, its Sullivan here!

Hope you all had a great week, as we are winding down to our weekend!

Todays topics we are going to be talking about are:

1.) The Journey I am on!

2.)  What books I am reading now? (recommended reading of course)

Looking at the past 3 years of my life almost turning 22 years old, pretty soon actually , I can’t believe it.  Even though i’m still young, dumb, and reckless.

I still manage a time to two to be a good boy, like my father always taught me! But sometimes I have to go into reckless abandon with everything and let the subconscious mind follow its non-linear path!

Heres me at the gym, for the past 3 years I have lost all motivation to even set in foot in a gym let alone, get motivated to workout.  I alway felt depleted… i’m weak.


Today I felt the nice sensations on my body and mind from lifting the barbell.  It felt great!

This time I am managing myself based on my stress levels and by what my individual needs are in relation to my health, my core values!

My core values to my health are, my 4-Doctors!

If you wanna learn more about the 4-doctors you can check my friend Paul Chek’s Blog at @chekinstitute or search his youtube channel, I think you will find some worthwhile stuff you can apply in your everyday life!

MY VALUES FOR HEALTH… I ask myself these questions each and every single day!

Dr. Happiness (yang)- What is my dream? or do I need to focus on what is my nightmare to fuel my dream? Where and what am I willing to create now?  What is my major Dream, Goal, or Objective in life?  What makes me happy and what feels good?

Dr. Quiet (yin)- How much rest and sleep am I getting a day?

Dr. Diet (yin)- Eating high quality food is a must for me, it is important since that is what I am creating myself out of.  Always eat organic Whenever possible!

Dr. Movement (yang)- How much movement am I getting a day, week, month, and year? Ask yourself those questions and reflect on what is it that you value the most?

They are the reflection of who I am, and who I am becoming as my living philosophy!

Now, what am I reading/listening too…?

Today when I was working out with Doctor Movement I was listening to an audio book Called, The Power of your Subconscious mind– By Joseph Murphy

Interesting to note, how he explains the power in the wisdom and cells of you body that can just heal about anything,

Mathew 9:29 According to your faith, let it be done unto you!

You see what we are lacking in our culture is faith, not only faith in ourselves but faith in what we believe in.

Growing up in the Catholic Church I was led to believe that you had to go to church to be a “good” person, until I found out how many people actually lost faith and were only going to church because they felt like they had too!

Well I am telling you that is wrong!  If going to church makes you happy then cool, go ahead do it, its your choice.  What is your dream?

If you ask 1 out of 20, the other 95% would say Idk.

Lets be clear about what you want in life, ask your self the word clarity.  What am I willing do now and and create to share my live with others. I.E. the Golden Rule.

The premise is we all have choices where are willing and what are you willing to support in your life as your dream. Whether that be a good wife or husband, a teacher, a counselor, a student, a son or daughter. What ever it is…what am I willing to be the best person that I can be, and be a living example of the divine.

Whether thats drinking more water, eating healthier, or just saying doing random acts of kindness can really help set the intention in the light of things and really let go your shadow tendencies of being dogmatic, defending ones own self all the time, not living to your fullest potential every single day.

Ask any one person what there dream is 95% will say idk! Bare that statement as a fact!

Another book I am reading is one I think everyone should follow, it is, You can have it all! -by Arnold Patent

I love Patent’s work, it amazes me how spiritually he is with his writing on source, infinite intelligence, aka GOD. The universal principles he shares with us are timeless.  You can learn lot from his books!

Sharing the principles of unconditional love in everyway,

Much love,




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