Living and Experiencing Joy!

Hello World,

Happy Friday!  I hope everything went well for all of you this week, as we are winding down for our weekend!

I hope everyone is experiencing unending Joy in there life! Being faced with how crazy the world is, it can be hard to put into concept the word Joy!

What is Joy for Sullivan?

Joy is patient,

Joy is Kind,

Joy is enduring love,

Joy is fruitful,

Joy is meekful,

Joy is faithful,

Joy, most importantly is, Self-Control.

What thoughts do you harbor?  What thoughts do you think?  What thoughts do you s-Self Realize?

Answer those questions to those thoughts and let your mind unfold like the petals of a lily, a Beautiful flower!

Another thing to meditate on is,

if you experience any pain or frustration in your life right now as yourself, BREATHE and ask yourself,

What is my dream? If you don’t have a dream, then what is your nightmare?  What are you willing to change now?  Where am I willing to grow

Whether that is drinking more water, getting more rest, of just taking time to love yourself.  Its important to ask yourself what am I creating is this life, what will lead me to the next?

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, that is not the point here?  If your a Christian believing in a Christian God, part of the Bahai Faith, Muslim, Jewish, Taoist, Hindu, Buddist, or just plain athiest?

Ask yourself, What is my dream?

We all have a dream!  It just takes time to develop it and see the diamonds of our own beauty of our painful experiences.

Where are you willing to grow?

Where am I out of balance?

What choices am I willing to make? and

What Values am I willing to live?  What is your highest principle that you follow?

Question that!

Anyways hope you ALL have a great weekend!

Stay positive and always look on the brighter side of things in life!

Thanks for letting me share my love with you,

Much Love and Infinite Blessings to you all,

-Sullivan “Gabes” Gabel


May Angels and all the helping Spirits be with you always!

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