To find Meaning in Life!

Hello World, to the PEOPLE that love you much more then you think…

Say your dealing with challenges,

challenges with depression, challenges

with love, sex, relationships, school, work, and church.

I am here to tell you it is all wrong!


Sounds kinda irrational doesn’t? This guy, Sullivan he’s going crazy right?

Maybe, that is a whole other blog story for a blog post to begin with, huh?

You see being irrational is a good thing, being with unbound play.

To start out focus on breath, breathe deep.  You will find the true essence of who you are that way.

People always forget to breathe thats why, we have some many people with anxiety, depression, nervousness, and ultimate breakdowns of their psyche cause we don’t breathe.

That’s it, I said it.

Forget about everything and breathe!

Breathe deep and slow!

Thats my tip of the day!



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