The Call to Adventure…the Hero’s Journey!

This year in my life.  I see the diamonds of my painful experiences in what Ive seen in creating in my life’s own past and what my souls journey is on!

What I have been drilling for, in the mines of my own mind and body?

Searching and creating more jewels of value and self-worth in my life,

by living my dream!

Its like when your creating diamonds and your mining for them in your life,

you have to have enough pressure to create them and enough intelligence, persistence and abominable will to mine them!

Thats how it is in the physical gym when building muscle and strength,

its no different in the spirit gym of life as well. Its no other, they are one in the same!   The soul has challenges and when it comes into this earth plane it grows and evolves into a more shaped spirit and with’n what the temple, the body, in how it grows itself too!  In both gyms we grow more of an impenitence to life.

How the body carry’s the soul?

Its ultimately evolves when one accepts the call to adventure and the path it is one.

As one goes out in bravery in the unseen and unknown of the darkness and fears at night!

Not literally, but metaphorically,  the fears in life!  By accepting the call is like your own journey or vision quest in the unknown.

But facing yours fears and conquering them is another act of its own when building up the virtue of courage!

Heres some quotes from my favorite author, poet, and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson!  He says,

“Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain!”

the other quote is…

“Do the thing and you shall have the power!”

Those quotes set my mind on fire!

For the fact that life is based off of law and the first law that of the universe is the Socratic Law!

The Law of Cause and Effect!

Its the Universal Law of Success and Failure!

When we create our own lives, we see that our life is embosomed in beauty no matter how bad it may seem.

When we look for what we are creating in our lives, we see there is more meaning and worth when we look on the inside of ourselves in our heart.

Thats where the journey lies! In your heart!

So follow your heart, let your soul journey guide you from there and you will be okay!

Much love and peace,






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