Relationships and Life…

Dear fellow followers to those who are following my blog!

To the people that appreciate my blog while I am sharing my story. I wanna to share with you my moments of gratefulness and happiness in my relationships to the world.  In what Ive learned from and what Ive failed to do.

Through my fault through my fault through my most grievous fault!

this isn’t mass…Catholics will only get that joke.  Haha hope most of you not don’t get confused!

While I am sharing my successes of what I call “my success” through my blog,

I see that there is always something to learn from it, in anyones story.  Weather it be entertaining or informative, to philosophical and intriguing.

You can always learn something! 

You grow stronger by it! You see it for what it is and you can either blow it off, or you embody it and embrace the experience and knowledge to grow build wisdom from it!

Thats life experience!

Its like how an embryo grows and molds out of an egg and becomes a baby chicken.

Its the little s-Self , our little s-selfs we grow out of and become who we are true to be, our True-Self!  To grow into the man or woman we are created or the universe is destined for us to be created, and when you realize that, that is Self-Realization.

Who you are?

Your essence! And…

Who you are truly being.

See a man entered into my life, a man lets just say old, wealthy (not rich), but wise!

He said,”Life only goes around once! You better DO IT RIGHT, the FIRST TIME!

You can see he was a very wise man!  Another quote he said, “You are who your with!”

Like the saying goes…birds of a feather flock together.

Like attracts like!

So surround yourself with,

Who you wanna be?

What you wanna do?

And be definite with your decisions in your life!

Successful people ALWAYS make their decisions QUICK and change them slowly!

Thats my motto!  Just read, “Think and Grow Rich”!  The Chapter on DECISION!

It will change your life!


Anyways have an awesome week, do and be GREATNESS!

Sullivan “Gabes” Gabel





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